Franck Salzwedel founder of Èlisire perfume



    Élisire Perfumes are elixirs of passion. Even with the first spritz you can feel that care and quality combine wonderfully with love and imagination. Each scent tells its own story and seduces the senses in a unique way; all are bold, multifaceted, profound and elegant.

    The perfumer Franck Salzwedel has already developed masterful creations with Armani's Acqua di Giò and Mania. With Élisire he founded his own niche fragrance brand. “Each of my perfumes has excellent longevity and a strong sillage/fragrance trail. A sensory projection that is perceived by those around you but does not overwhelm the atmosphere of a room. Élisire Perfumes are extraordinary scents in high concentration. Made with the finest essences from nature and innovative technologies. Vegan, cruelty-free, ethically responsible and sustainably produced. Created by some of the greatest perfumers in the perfume industry.

    Franck Salzwedel: “I was born on a warm summer day in France to German parents. I grew up in the countryside and discovered the beauty of nature and the changing seasons. When I was 10 years old, my family moved to Indonesia and my world no longer had borders. Bali enriched my senses and became the place I valued most: colorful, inspiring and life-changing. Back in France, I studied fashion and I realized that my job was to translate a designer's world into a fragrance and capture his soul in a bottle. My first experience was at Giorgio Armani, where I developed the perfumes Acqua di Gio and Mania. As a passionate painter, I soon recognized a parallel language to my love for scents. The connection between the two became so obvious that it inspired me to create my perfume line Élisire to create that celebrates the radiance of color and the transformative power of scent.

    Èlisire perfumes are exceptional fragrances in high concentration. Atmospheric scents full of magic and mystery, generous and captivating. Perfumes of longing and desire.

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