Arho Beauty founder Emilie

Arhø Beauty


    I'm Emilie Kozlowicz, the founder of Arhø Beauty. Even as a young girl I was addicted to beautiful skin care, make-up and perfume. It was no surprise that I ended up in the beauty industry afterwards :) After a few years in the beauty industry, I opened my own natural cosmetics shop Eminessences in 2012. I wanted to offer my customers selected and naturally effective beauty products. Back then in Europe we didn't have a lot of choice compared to the US. Over the years, the idea of ​​founding my own make-up brand with the aim of offering the perfect glow arose in my head.

    This is how Arhø came about. Arhø is a pun on aura, which means "shine of light". And that is exactly the credo of my brand: #revealthelight. Product development was demanding and quite a long process with some obstacles compounded by Covid. But after 2 years the time had come and I was able to bring Arhø onto the market! I am really proud of the results and the many positive feedbacks.

    Et beaucoup de glow! Lots of glow. That is my credo at Arhø Beauty. A glowy and radiant complexion in every situation.

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