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    Christophe Fargier is the founder of Oppidum. For a long time working as a sales manager in a consulting company, he quit his corporate job at the end of 2018 in order to completely focus on himself Oppidum and concentrate on soap making. Like many others, Christophe got problems with his skin a few years ago and then started making his own soaps in his kitchen. What began as a personal hobby has now become his calling. Christophe and his partner have their manufactory in the middle of nature in the south-west of France, near Toulouse Oppidum Workshop set up.

    Christophe: We focus on people who want to make the switch to natural skincare, people who take a “slow cosmetics” approach. Our soaps have received both Slow Cosmetics and Cosmos Organic certification. In our Oppidum We produce workshop manufactory Soaps with the utmost care by hand and entirely according to the old rules of the art. We offer skin care expertise based on natural and organically grown ingredients. Minus water, our soaps consist almost exclusively of organically grown ingredients! In addition to the quality and naturalness, the fine foam and scent are particularly important to us. The olfactory dimension of our soaps should inspire and combine care with pure pleasure.

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