Founder A Beautiful Story Cathelijne Lania

A Beautiful Story

    Every person has the right to make their life a beautiful story. Cathelijne Lania, founder of Fairtrade Schmucklabel A Beautiful Story

    In love with Nepal. After her studies, Cathelijne wanted to do something good and went to Nepal as a volunteer to help set up a school. There she fell in love with the country and its people. There is a lot of poverty. But the way people live together and care for each other is a different kind of wealth. During my stay I discover a silver factory. More beautiful Jewelry, pure craftsmanship. My place for gifts for home.

    Back in Holland I work as Brand Manager at Douwe Egberts. I am responsible for a large budget, have great colleagues and the job is demanding. But it doesn't satisfy me. Then I hear about difficulties at the jewelry factory in Nepal. There is not enough work, 12 silversmiths are on the verge of losing their jobs. That won't let me go. It feels so unfair that these people with their amazing talents should no longer be able to show off their beautiful jewelry. That became the turning point in my life. One of those moments when you decide to do something that will change everything.

    The first jewelry bracelet. Another plane takes me to Nepal. I'm going back to the silver factory. But what should we make? We sit in a circle and drink tea. Suddenly I notice the beautiful design of the cup. The saying 'broken glass brings happiness' comes to mind. That is the solution! We just need a little bit of luck. We throw the cup at the Boden and each shard gets a place on a bracelet. The first Lucky Bracelet is born. A magazine picks up our story. And then it happens... We receive tea cups from the Netherlands. Heirlooms, sometimes entire sets. Entire families want bracelets made from grandmother's pink teacups. I smash the cups in my garden and send the shards to Nepal, where they come back as jewelry.

    Meanwhile, the sustainable Label much more than jewelry made from old cups. But what remains is Cathelijne's vision. A Beautiful Story is a thoroughly social company. The social mission, equality, independence and collaborative creations come first. “All of our products have a story. For the giver, because your gift really tells something. For our artisans, because they build a livelihood through their handicrafts.” Cathelijne, founder
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