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    Sonia Hully founded Nailberry in 2012. The brand started out as a luxury nail care spa in Chelsea London and quickly grew into a multi award winning nail polish collection with premium finishes. Noticing that her clients often complained about dry and damaged nails, Sonia developed a range of nail polishes to help specifically address these issues.

    The result was the award-winning vegan Nailberry L'Oxygéné collection. Based on a specially patented technology, the Nailberry L'Oxygéné nail polishes offer healthy, long-lasting, beautiful and elegant colors. The Nailberry-Philosophy is based on sensitivity to nail health and beauty as well as respect for the environment and nature. All Nailberry Nail polishes are breathable, oxygen & water permeable, 12 Free, vegan, cruelty-free, Halal certified and gluten-free! Customers who want to switch from conventional brands Nailberry Make nail polish are from your first Nailberry Buying mostly completely blown away. The quality of the manicure and durability of the 12 Free Nail polishes is very high and ensures consistently great customer experiences.

    In addition, the range has been expanded to include high-quality nail care products such as the Strengthen & Breathe Base Coat, the Shine & Breathe top coat or supplement the Clean nail polish remover to sustainably repair and strengthen damaged nails. Stylish colors from subtle to bright, from pink to deep red, make your nails an eye-catcher.

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