Okoko Founder Oyeta Kokoroko

Okoko Cosmétiques


    The award-winning Okoko cosmetics line offers visible results of the highest quality. Purpose-driven, results-driven skincare products built on innovation, dedication and transparency. Founder Oyéta Kokoroko's passion for finding effective solutions for stress-free and healthy skin is reflected in every product. Her interest in beauty began when she was trying to find solutions to her acne. Controversial ingredients were out of the question for you and natural alternatives, while having safe ingredients, lacked creativity and few contained active ingredients used in clinical skin care. That was the start for Okoko Cosmétiques. Oyéta has now won more than 25 awards for its skin care! 

    Oyéta’s promise: “Our high-performance formulations contain a high concentration of botanicals Premium ingredients in combination with scientifically proven cosmeceuticals. The exclusive ingredients are ideally balanced to maximize effectiveness. Natural and sustainably sourced ingredients that are safe, harmless and extremely effective. We have no room for controversial ingredients, cheap fillers or exaggerated claims." Okoko's products are packed with highly effective antioxidants and innovative high-performance ingredients that offer protection against blue light and sustainably improve skin health and radiance. The sophisticated formulations effectively combat a wide range of skin concerns and deliver real results.

    Oyéta's drive for excellence is also reflected in the handcrafted manufacturing process of the products. Okoko, based in Vancouver, Canada, controls the manufacturing process from start to finish to ensure the high quality of the ingredients and products in the long term. Handcrafted by experts passionate about creating luxurious skincare using exclusive, sustainable and premium ingredients. Okoko: “Our uncompromising standards of quality and performance enable us to develop highly effective formulations that increase your well-being and promote healthy, clear and radiant skin.” Beyond effectiveness, the line promises an aesthetic and sensory appeal Beauty ritual, with bright colors, luxurious pampering textures and wonderful aromas.