Gentle care for redness and couperose


    Reddened skin is caused by increased blood circulation. In the case of short-term, temporary redness, the cause is usually physical exertion, excitement or stress. However, redness becomes a cosmetic problem when it is permanently visible and significantly disrupts the appearance of the skin. Especially with people with dry and sensitive skin, skin redness is an unpleasant side effect. Due to the disturbed and weak skin barrier, the skin is more easily irritated, which can cause it to become inflamed. A rich, low-stimulant and natural Care with protective properties and calming active ingredients can provide relief.

    A complexion that can appear especially in mature skin is couperose. This is a connective tissue weakness that leads to enlarged veins in the facial area and can be a precursor to rosacea, a chronic inflammation of the skin. Here, too, it is important to strengthen the skin barrier in order to minimize inflammatory processes.

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