Why do I need a highlighter?

    Highlighter set accents and make your skin glow. With a highlighter you can accentuate certain areas of your face and bring them to the fore. In general, a highlighter gives you freshness and makes you look more youthful. A highlighter is used as the final touch of your makeup. Whether a slight shimmer or a stronger shine - there are no limits to your creativity.

    What is a highlighter?

    A highlighter consists of very fine pigments that capture and reflect light like small reflectors. Depending on the consistency and type of highlighter, these fluorescent highlighter particles are embedded in powder, oil or creamy consistencies.

    What types of highlighter are there?

    A basic distinction is made between powder, cream and liquid highlighter.

    Powder highlighter

    Highlighter powders are applied in a similar way to blush with a blush or highlighter brush. Powdery highlighters have a light consistency, are non-comedogenic, and are suitable for all skin types, especially oily skin. They can set punctual accents but can also be applied over a larger area on the décolleté or the shoulders and arms for a radiant, firm look.

    Cream highlighter

    Cream highlighters are applied either with the fingers or with a make-up brush. Creamy highlighters can be applied very precisely. Thanks to their creamy, moisturizing texture, they melt into the skin and leave a natural, dewy look. They are suitable for all skin types, especially dry or mature skin.

    Liquid highlighters

    Liquid highlighters have a very light texture and are applied with the fingers or a make-up brush. They can also be used very selectively and veneered for a natural, fresh look. A few drops are usually sufficient. Tip: Mix a few drops into the foundation for a radiant base.

    How do I use a highlighter?

    You can use a highlighter to set accents, especially in these areas: on the cheeks, under the eyebrows, above the eyebrows, in the inner corner of the eye, above the heart of the lip or on the bridge of the nose.