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Aether Beauty


    Aether Beauty was founded in 2018 by Tiila Abbitt. A creative mind with a background in sculpture and fashion design. Tiila was responsible for the product development of makeup and sustainability at Sephora. she founded Aether Beauty to bridge the gap between ethical beauty, sustainability and truly powerful, innovative and luxurious vegan formulas.

    Aether Beauty was born in the light of the desert sun in Tucson, Arizona. Inspired by the plants around her, Tiila infuses each product with organic, sustainably sourced desert oils that strengthen and moisturize the skin to support long-term skin health. Desert-derived ingredients like prickly pear seed oil thrive in the harsh, dry desert climate, bringing their resilient, restorative magic to your skin. The result is highly pigmented, sustainably sourced makeup and desert-inspired beauty.

    Every decision Aether Beauty is shaped by the goal of sustainability, from the sourcing of ingredients to packaging and shipping. In 2018, Tiila created the beauty industry's first zero-waste eyeshadow palette, but that's not all. All Aether Beauty Packaging is made from recycled materials. We use organic, ocean-friendly, biodegradable and ethical ingredients and ban over 3000 ingredients that could harm you, animals or the planet.

    With the stars as a muse and the earth as a palette Aether Beauty Crystals infuse formulations to combine transcendent shimmer and glow with wellbeing benefits. Vegan next-generation cosmetics that harness the power of crystals! Good for you + Good for your skin + Good for the planet!

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