Fine Founder Judith Springer



    It all started in Berlin in June 2016 with the creation of a single product. Judith Springer reinvents deodorants.

    Since I wasn't happy with my deodorant, a good friend asked me why I wouldn't just make one myself. Said and done. After a few attempts in my kitchen, it finally worked and that Fine Deodorant Vetiver Geranium without aluminum was born. 

    Coming from the art world, besides the quality, I was mine Fine deodorants, the aesthetics of the product and the packaging are also important. It should be sophisticated, well thought out but also lovingly designed. With my producer, I perfected my basic recipe for my first deodorant and it took just a year until it was launched on the market. After a month, the first batch of Vetiver Geranium deodorant was sold out. Since is Fine Cosmetics has grown steadily and new fragrances such as Cedar Bergamot, Senza without fragrance or the two deodorant sticks Minty Something and Ginster Origanum have my small but fine Fine Deodorant assortment extended. 

    High-quality, vegan, organically certified ingredients ensure effective protection and unique fragrances. Designed in Berlin - Made in Germany! Fine means "end" in Italian and that's what Fine is the end of your search for the perfect deodorant and the beginning of uncompromising and absolutely reliable beauty care. Fine!

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