Everyone is looking for the perfect deodorant

    A natural deodorant roller, deodorant stick or deodorant cream should reliably protect against body odor, be gentle on the skin and have a fine scent but not be too intrusive. The answer can actually only be natural cosmetics deodorant. Not only effective and good for people and the environment, but also chic, modern and sophisticated. The new generation of natural deodorants without aluminum with sophisticated active ingredient compositions and sustainably produced are anything but boring drugstore deodorants! These deodorants not only contain effective, herbal ingredients, but also impress as a brand and product with upscale packaging, beautiful design and high-quality presentation.

    5 reasons for natural deodorants

    1. Detoxify our bodies naturally

    Have you ever done a juice cleanse or perhaps a seaweed wrap at a spa? These two practices pursue a similar goal: namely, to rid the body of toxins and impurities that our skin absorbs every day. In fact, there is an incredibly easy and free way to cleanse the body of these toxins. Sweat! Sweat is an important natural body function that cleanses our pores, clears the skin and kills germs and infections. Many traditional antiperspirants use ingredients such as aluminum chlorohydrate to temporarily unclog pores and thereby stop the body from sweating. However, sweating is a natural and necessary function of the body to maintain daily health. Don't be afraid of sweat! Put an end to the unnatural clogging of sweat glands.

    2. Natural ingredients

    Have you ever tried reading the ingredients for a non-natural deodorant? Good luck! Natural deodorants stay away from chemicals that can't be pronounced, and the list of ingredients is shorter and doesn't consist mostly of chemistry class terms. Ingredients are used such as: coconut oil, shea butter, peppermint, arrowroot powder, St. John's wort or citrus oil - no chemical ingredients and no fillers. Many natural deodorants are also Fair Trade certified and use natural, organic and sustainably grown ingredients that are well tolerated by all skin types.

    3. Everyone loves animals

    Animal testing in the cosmetics industry has been banned in Germany and Europe for several years. Unfortunately, the ban on animal testing does not apply worldwide and in other countries animal testing for cosmetic products is still permitted and is unfortunately still used by many manufacturers. For example, deodorants are smeared on animals' sensitive areas to test for allergies. Natural deodorants are not tested on animals, as can be seen from the corresponding certifications: Leaping Bunny or Cruelty Free. A majority of natural deodorants are also vegan. No animal is harmed when making good natural deodorants.

    4. My t-shirts stay white

    Thrown away your favorite T-shirt because of yellow stains? Unfortunately, this has happened to all of us. But it doesn't have to be. Aluminum is the main cause of unsightly stains on clothing. When aluminum salts and body sweat come together in clothing, chemical reactions are triggered that can discolor the textiles. Luckily, natural deodorants are aluminum-free… which means no more (or a lot less) stains! By the way, conventional detergents are not suitable for removing yellowish deposits on light-colored textiles. On the contrary, the problem gets worse with every wash. Citric acid has proven itself as a stain remover on white clothing. It is available in powder form in drugstores. Mix a few teaspoons of powder in a liter of water, let the white T-shirts soak for 24 hours and then rinse with clean water. Only then wash in the washing machine at the maximum permitted temperature.

    5. Best of all: Natural deodorants work just as well!

    A natural deodorant does not stop sweating itself. But since sweating is a healthy and necessary bodily function, it shouldn't be. Unlike traditional deodorants (which are technically antiperspirants), natural deodorants do not clog or constrict the sweat glands. Natural deodorant formulas contain anti-microbial substances, such as cajeput, citrus oil, palmarosa, hops, kaolin or probiotics, which attack the odor-causing bacteria, stop them from multiplying and thus prevent the development of odor. Some also contain baking soda as an odor inhibitor. However, baking soda can irritate sensitive skin. That's why natural deodorants that are specifically designed for sensitive skin usually don't use baking soda. In addition, natural fragrances, usually in the form of valuable essential oils contain that neutralize the smell of sweat. Modern natural cosmetics brands like Fine, Salt & Stone, Greenborn or Nuud produce effective unisex deodorants with gentle ingredients, pleasant textures and exciting scents.

    Watch out! When switching from chemistry to nature, the body needs some time until sweating returns to normal. There may be some smell of sweat during this transition period. Not every deodorant is suitable for everyone. The skin can react differently to ingredients. Antibacterial substances work excellently for some people, but not so well for others. Therefore, it may be advisable to test different deodorants until you find your favorite deodorant. Last but not least, changing your deodorant every now and then can often help to prevent your body from getting used to it.