Natural cosmetic shampoo for healthy & strong hair

    With shampoo from natural cosmetics you get healthy, strong and well-styled hair without any ingredients that are harmful to the environment or health. A thorough hair wash with a healthy organic shampoo is the basis for beautiful and well-groomed hair. In our range you will find a large selection of natural shampoos of the highest quality and effectiveness without parabens, paraffine and silicones. Nature offers everything that is good for the health and beauty of your hair.

    The right shampoo from natural cosmetics for every hair

    Every hair type is different and requires the right, individual care. Especially when washing your hair, using the wrong products can cause damage and unnecessarily irritate the scalp. For example, a shampoo for... greasy hair Putting unnecessary strain on your normal or dry hair. In contrast, a natural cosmetic shampoo for normal hair, dry and heavily damaged hair cannot provide sufficient nutrients and care ingredients.

    That's why there is no all-round product for the care of your hair, but rather special shampoos to suit different hair needs. Our product range includes organic shampoo for colored, damaged, fine, greasy, sensitive, dry and normal hair. We also carry special ones Anti dandruff shampoo, shampoo that soothes the scalp or shampoo against gray hair.

    The power of nature for your hair care

    Give your hair the soothing and natural power of nature with herbal ingredients while you are washing your hair. With our organic shampoos, we offer you products with high-quality ingredients that are free from silicones, sulfates and alcohol. Chemicals not only end up in wastewater and harm the environment; Emollients, fragrances or dyes such as those in conventional shampoos can trigger allergies, cause hormonal fluctuations or even be carcinogenic. If you want to be on the safe side and want to protect your health, you should buy natural cosmetic shampoos.