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    Do you want silky soft, healthy and strong hair? High-quality organic shampoos clean your hair gently and thoroughly with environmentally friendly plant-based surfactants. Valuable plant extracts, oils, antioxidants and vitamins promote hair growth, protect against environmental influences and give your hair a healthy, vital appearance. What you should avoid in your hair care, however, are silicones. These make the hair soft, but damage it considerably in the long run. Because silicones are mostly petroleum-derived polymers that settle on the hair and can stick to it with prolonged use and make it impermeable to other care products.

    Regardless of whether it is damaged, dry, oily or unruly hair, with the right care you can bring your hair and scalp back into balance. Irritated, itchy scalp is soothed with mild, clarifying formulations and sebum regulation is regulated. High-quality natural cosmetic shampoos care from the roots to the tips!