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    "Holistic high-performance skin care" is how Toni, the positive and dynamic founder of Naturallogic your products. "Every single ingredient in our potent formulas has a function and serves your skin. The purely natural ingredients nourish the skin intensively from the surface to the skin cells. The result is healthy, glowing skin. "

    Toni has been part of the production since 2007 Naturallogic powerful and multifunctional skin care products in Pennsylvania. The skin is the largest organ in our body, but unfortunately also the last one that receives nutrients from the food we eat. Naturallogic With its formulas, it focuses on supplying the skin with the essential nutrients it needs to maintain and restore a healthy balance. The care products have a gentle yet powerful effect to promote health and vitality, and to effectively protect them from harmful environmental changes.

    Toni is a trained nutritionist and herbalist. The two pillars give her a good basis to understand plants, their nutrients and the nutrient uptake of the body. After graduating from university, Toni started producing care products for personal use, but at the time she hadn't really thought of starting her own company. Enthusiastic friends and family members urged her to take this step. That was Naturallogic born. Her beloved home is Pennsylvania, a state in the eastern United States, which she says the lush vegetation here literally makes anything grow. She can harvest some herbs, roots and flowers in the wild at certain times of the year.

    "Nature knows what it's doing. We know Nature." Toni, founder of Naturallogic

    Here is the interview with Toni von Naturallogic read.

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