A healthy cleansing of the genital area begins with the choice of the suitable care product. Conventional shower gels, soaps or bath products are often perfumed and have a high pH value. The pH value often moves between 9 and 11 and thus exceeds the normally acidic pH value in the vaginal environment (pH value: 4 to 4,5). Damage to the protective acid mantle of the skin can be seen in advance with these products. Switching to natural cosmetics is worthwhile. Natural cosmetic washing lotions contain mild and natural surfactants and are tailored to the natural pH value of the intimate area. They ensure gentle, non-aggressive cleaning and a pleasant feeling of freshness. 

    Natural products for shaving the intimate area

    For hair removal in sensitive areas, a natural shaving oil or soap is at least as important as a very sharp blade. If necessary, the hair in the genital area is first cut as short as possible with scissors. Now the shaving oil or the shaving soap can be applied. Thanks to the adjusted pH value and the naturally caring ingredients, natural cosmetics oils and soaps enable a skin-friendly wet shave. Let the shaving oil or soap act briefly so that the stubble soaks a little and then run a sharp razor over the taut skin.