Facial care natural cosmetics for sensitive skin

    Every skin type requires different care and, especially when it comes to facial care, choosing the right cosmetics is important to have a radiant complexion. Since facial skin is particularly demanding and can react very sensitively to cosmetic products, natural cosmetic facial care is always a good choice. The appearance of the skin can suffer as a result of external environmental factors and weather conditions such as cold, heat and sun, but also as a result of influences such as stress, fatigue and illness.

    The natural balance of the facial skin gets out of control, which is reflected in an impure complexion. The result is hypersensitive, dry, irritated, reddened and greasy skin. Synthetic substances (fragrances, silicones, dyes, microplastics, parabens), which are mostly used in conventional cosmetics, further irritate the skin. Therefore, one should always resort to facial care natural cosmetics.

    Natural cosmetics free of harmful substances for your facial care

    Since our facial skin is always exposed and is therefore exposed to various environmental influences, it requires particularly extensive care. In addition, predispositions, internal physical processes such as hormone fluctuations and stress can have a negative effect on the complexion. Face care from natural cosmetics is the right choice thanks to its pollutant-free ingredients to protect the skin from further irritation. Natural active ingredients restore the skin's balance and soothe and protect sensitive facial skin. They also provide moisture and have a regenerative effect. Our natural cosmetic facial care is made without mineral oil derivatives, parabens, silicone and genetically modified plants.

    Our products are based on innovative recipes made from valuable plant ingredients and essential oils. Natural cosmetics face care offers help for various skin needs and cares for your face - without further stressing the skin.

    Natural cosmetics – the right product for every part of the face

    The facial skin is particularly demanding and can have different problems in the individual facial areas. Every part of the face needs the right care, which is why we have various products for your facial care with natural cosmetics in our range. Choose from different serums, e.g. the hyaluronic, retinol, bakuchiol or vitamin C serum. For general facial care we offer you a large selection of face creams, masks and scrubs. In addition, your eyes need the appropriate care after a hard day's work, for which we offer you natural eye creams.