Micellar water


    In order to prepare the skin for the subsequent care products, it must first be gently and at the same time thoroughly removed from deposits, dirt, Make-up and excess fat will be freed. And for this we have had a relatively new product available for some time, micellar water. 

    How does micellar water work?

    It cleanses our skin gently and thoroughly and pulls dirt particles and make-up from our face like a mini magnet. Micelles are tiny spheres that are non-polar (water-repellent) on one side and polar (water-friendly) on the other. Micelles are particularly fat-dissolving and clean with practically no pressure or rubbing. Dirt particles, Make-up or excess fat is attracted, enclosed and transported away by the micelles, solely through their bipolar charge. The skin is cleansed down to the pores and at the same time supplied with moisture. In our blog Article you can find more information about micellar water.