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    Ilia Beauty is an outstanding clean beauty Label, which has made a name for itself through its unique combination of high-quality, natural ingredients, innovative formulations and modern design. The Los Angeles-based brand was founded by Sasha Plavsic, who had a clear vision: to develop make-up products that are not only effective, but also respect the health of the skin and are produced sustainably.

    Clean, skin-conscious beauty - At Ilia we believe in skin that looks like skin and a radiance that is natural. Using transparency as a guide and color as a vehicle, we challenge the conventions of clean beauty to create something new with safe, effective formulas.

    Make-up based on skin care - We see skin care and make-up as a unit and have recognized that herbal ingredients are not enough. Our effective formulas contain active skin care ingredients that protect the skin from environmental stressors. We believe in SPF because it protects and strengthens these active ingredients, making them up to 200% more effective.

    Wake up Skin, Make-up the Rest - Our everyday essentials are designed to instantly refresh your appearance. It's all about vibrancy: vibrant shades, skin-protecting ingredients and a hassle-free application that focuses on making your skin look and feel vibrant. Many of our products are multifunctional and are super easy to apply on the go.

    We believe in better - We've learned that not every natural ingredient is good for the skin and that not every synthetic is bad. For us means clean beautythat these two aspects meet - with conscious, carefully selected ingredients and without compromises. Since beginning our journey in 2011, we have continually worked to push the boundaries of innovation - and the industry.

    Meet Sasha Plavsic - Born in Vancouver and raised by the sea. Her brother Zac suffered from acute asthma and allergies as a child. Her mother, a pioneer in health and wellness at the time, sought homeopathic remedies to cure her son. Through trial and error, Zac healed primarily through diet and eventually even competed in the 2008 and 2012 Olympics in sailing!

    Sasha's interest was in design and she studied typography in London and NY. In 2006, she moved to Los Angeles and worked as a branding manager in the fashion and beauty industries. Your mother put you on her ingredient list Lip balms attentive and Sasha was unpleasantly surprised to find that many of the ingredients were not safe. She didn't like that and took on the challenge of re-creating her balm so that it was safe, effective and natural. And so the story of ILIA Beauty begins.

    Note: Not all ILIA Beauty products are 100% natural. ILIA want to combine the best product performance with modern colors, which is why some products / shades also contain synthetic ingredients. If this is the case, we will draw your attention to it.

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