Scrunchies made from natural materials


    Scrunchies made from natural materials

    Scrunchies are a good alternative to traditional hair ties. Their soft materials make them more hair-friendly and therefore cause less hair breakage than thin, tight elastics. Another advantage: Thanks to their variety in design and appearance, the scrunchies can be combined with any outfit and even the simplest braid becomes a real eye-catcher!

    In our range you will find scrunchies made from mulberry silk, organic cotton and recycled fabric made from reused saris from Nepal. This means our scrunchies are not only gentle on your hair, but also on our environment.

    Mulberry silk scrunchies

    One of the biggest benefits of silk scrunchies is their hair-friendly properties - silk is smooth and reduces the friction that occurs when wearing hair ties. This helps prevent hair breakage, split ends and frizz and is particularly beneficial for sensitive, damaged, wavy and curly hair. Silk scrunchies are also particularly suitable for securing protective hairstyles overnight, such as braided hairstyles or a high bun. 

    Conventional hairbands often leave unsightly marks and kinks in the hair. Silk scrunchies prevent this with their soft and slippery surface, which allows the hair to retain its natural shape and texture.

    Scrunchies made from organic cotton and recycled fabric

    Organic cotton is also an ideal material for scrunchies. It is natural, breathable and reduces friction. Scrunchies made from organic cotton are also available in many different colors, patterns and textures - whether striped, made from smooth jersey, elegant Oxford fabric or in a stylish corduroy look made from interlock fabric. This means you can match your scrunchie to your outfit every day.

    We also offer scrunchies that were sewn from recycled saris in Nepal. Saris are traditional garments worn in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and parts of Pakistan and come in many different colors and patterns. Each scrunchie is therefore unique and tells its own unique story.