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    Monique Foy is the founder of Wellness-Labels Cosmic Dealer from Paris. The woman-run company transforms with Chic and Raffinesse everyday habits into healthy rituals. Of delicious Chocolate, to natural vegan incense, modern herbal teas to the famous Ayurvedic-inspired tongue cleaner; Cosmic Dealer creates contemporary, exciting and sustainable wellbeing products for enlightened people.

    Overly industrialized and artificial products are used by Cosmic Dealer newly invented. The women's team is at the forefront of a new wave movement for premium French dark chocolate. Less sugar, more naturalness and better taste! The chakras of Cosmic Dealer have achieved cult status. The incredibly delicious nut butter squares, flavored with herbs and fruits and coated in raw, dark chocolate, are every wellness foodie's dream. Enjoyment without a guilty conscience with just 2 grams of date syrup or less per chakra. Artisanally produced top chocolate of very high quality. Raw single-origin cocoa from traceable, ethical sources is processed directly from bean to bar in France and Italy.

    Monique Foy says: A tongue cleaner changed my life. The founder of Cosmic Dealer started cleaning your tongue 15 years ago and hasn't missed a day since. Cleansing the tongue is an ancient detoxification ritual that has its roots in Indian Ayurveda. For me, cleaning my tongue daily was the catalyst that helped me quit sugar, get far less sick, and ultimately prioritize my health. It's often these small changes that lead to big changes in life. The tongue cleaner was designed in Paris, the design capital, and is manufactured in India, the Ayurvedic center of the world. The tongue cleaner made of 100% copper was the first product from Wellness-Labels.

    Cosmic Dealer: We are modern women reinventing ancient health rituals. We are fans of Ayurveda, yoga, herbalism, holistic medicine, crazy esoteric experiences, good food, indulgence and... believe it or not, roller dancing!

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