Cleansing balm


    Washing with oil and fat - can that even work?

    Cleansing balms like that Wonderbalm from The Glow or the Gentle Cleansing Melt from Evolve Organic Beauty are balms based on vegetable fats and oils. The balms often contain waxes and solid vegetable fats such as cocoa or shea butter, which ensure a firm structure. They only contain oily components and no water. The composition is that of Cleaning oils similar, but with the difference of the firm consistency.

    Fats are always unparalleled, which is why vegetable fats attract the skin's oils and, when cleaning, loosen make-up, excess oil and the dirt it contains from the face. Oil-based balms and Cleaning oils do without surfactants. This is positive news, especially for people with dry skin, as oils and fats only remove excess sebum, leaving the lipids and moisture required for a functional skin barrier on the skin.