What is a primer? A primer is the basis of your makeup. The term primer is derived from the English “to prime”, which means something like “to prime” or “prepare”. A primer usually has a light, serum-like consistency and is easy to spread.

    He will be in front of the Foundation Applied to the face and extends the durability of your makeup. In addition, a primer hides small wrinkles, redness or enlarged pores and makes the complexion beautifully even and smooth.

    A primer is usually transparent and not tinted. Some primers contain shimmer particles to give the complexion an extra glow. Primers are available in serum or cream form, but also Face oils can have a priming, smoothing effect.

    So if you want to create long-lasting make-up with fine features, you should consider a primer. Many make-up artists and make-up artists base every look this way.

    In addition to primers for the skin of the face, there are special primers for the eye area. Make primer for the eye area eye shadow and Co. have a longer shelf life and can prevent them from being smeared or deposited in the crease of the eyelid. Some too Concealer, such as the concealer from Shamanic do a good job as a primer on the eyes.