Beauty sale at Blanda Beauty



    Do you have a preference for premium natural cosmetics and want to make a bargain? Then you have come to the right place in our sale category. Go on a discovery tour! With a little luck, you will find a beloved product at a reduced price.

    Why are these items reduced?

      • We need space for new brands and that's why we're tidying up our warehouse.
      • Again and again we carry out time-limited sales promotions. 
      • We don't like throwing products away. That is why we offer products with a shortened best-before date in our sale category. The abbreviated MHD is noted in the product description. Note: A best-before date is not an expiration or use-by date. The products can be used for a few more months without any noticeable loss of quality.
      • Has the packaging changed? If the design and packaging change, that is also a reason for us to carry out a price reduction. The recipe of the product is usually not affected.
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