Noelie Founder Bahar Krahn


    Hair coloring rethought! Natural herbal hair colors with medicinal herbs let the hair shine - without any chemicals! The power of Noelie Herbal hair colors are based on a variety of exquisite, extra finely ground medicinal herbs and superfoods. Selected bioavailable active ingredients such as jiaogulan, also known as immortality herb, hemp proteins and acacia collagen strengthen the hair fiber from the inside. Healing moor extract, with a uniquely high concentration of humic acids, minerals and trace elements, as well as many other different medicinal herbs, enhance the effect. As superfoods in the Noelie Healing Herbs Hair Colors also include a unique antioxidant complex made from very stable tannins from the tara tree and an extract from sunflower sprouts. This all-natural formulation ensures long-lasting color results and helps repair chemically treated hair.

    The woman behind Noelie is Bahar Krahn. The hairdresser and beautician, make-up artist and pharmacist made a name for herself in 2012 with the founding of the beauty institute Be Organic in Wiesbaden. Be Organic isn't just a name - it's Bahar's attitude and promise. Initially, Bahar worked with third-party brands at the Be Organic Institute, but was not happy with the results. Inspired by her own customers, as well as with a lot of passion, experience and a lot of heart, she developed her own products over the last 10 years - the birth of Noelie.

    Bahar Krahn: "With our natural cosmetics Noelie Hair colors we create a new dimension of hair coloring. To color the hair healthy without toxic substances, without hair breakage and itchy scalp. Our natural herbal hair colors give a brilliant, individual color result for every hair need as well as 100% gentle gray hair coverage. They repair hair that has already been damaged by chemical products, making it easier to comb, noticeably more volume and a healthy shine with every application. Also ideal for scalp problems or increased hair loss." Unique on the market, dispensed with Noelie Healing Herbs Hair Color on animal testing, genetically modified ingredients and endocrine disruptors such as silicones, propyl and butyl parabens, critical sulfates, phthalates, harmful surfactants, paraffine, mineral oils, petroleum derivatives, heavy metals, polyethylene glycols (PEG) and microplastics, as well as synthetic fragrances and dyes.
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