Facial care for sensitive skin


    The skin is thin, dry and cracked. The transition from dry to sensitive skin is often fluid. Sensitive skin often lacks natural and protective oils and moisture. It reacts quickly to environmental influences and temperature changes and is prone to irritation, inflammation, redness and flaking. Allergic reactions and rosacea or vasodilation are not uncommon. Frequent allergy-triggering substances are detergents and care products and cosmetics.

    Particular attention must be paid to the ingredients of cleaning, care and cosmetic products. Optimal care takes into account the dryness and sensitivity of the skin. Substances such as alcohol or fragrance additives should be avoided. Care products and cosmetics with soothing active ingredients that strengthen the skin's protective barrier should determine the daily beauty routine. Many herbal active ingredients have a calming effect on the skin and relieve itching or inflammation, for example marigold, aloe vera, evening primrose oil, chamomile, marshmallow, borage oil, tamanu oil or almond oil.