Hairbands are popular!

    No matter how many trends come and go, hairbands and -ribbons always seem to be there. And this hasn't just been the case recently. The headband has been used as a hair ornament or as a functional accessory since ancient times. Hairbands in the Near East kept hair in check, while the laurel wreaths of Roman rulers have deep roots in Greek mythology. Then there were medieval tiaras and timeless flower wreaths, which came closest to today's headbands and hairbands.

    If you look at old films, you quickly notice that hairbands were already in vogue in the middle of the last century. Sometimes classic without a lot of frills, sometimes with pearls, sometimes in a rockabilly style. The headband has followed many fashion trends into modern times and thanks to Coco Chanel and Prada, the accessory has also made it onto the most famous catwalks in the world.