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    Founded by makeup artist Kirsten Kjaer Weis, KW fuses a minimalist Scandinavian aesthetic with the raw New York vibe. Kjaer creates makeup that is as beautiful on the skin as it is in the uniquely designed luxurious and sustainable packaging. Whether foundation, mascara, eyeshadow or the famous cream blush, Kjaer Weis products impress with their value.

    Kirsten Kjaer Weis: "Scandinavia is quiet, withdrawn, minimalist. New York is fierce and vehement. The two worlds seem so different, but they can work together. Kjaer Weis is both. A pioneer who uncompromises luxury and sustainability connected to each other. The refill solutions from Kjaer Weis are unique. Simple, but not ordinary. Beautiful, but always honest. We love it when things are done right and last a long time.

    I think when I was growing up, everything we did was biological. Everything we ate came from our own garden. That was a matter of course. I never thought about it. I always wanted to go to the city, but subconsciously I always had this love of nature in me. As I got older I realized that growing up on a farm had a really big impact on me. I'm sure natural is always better than synthetic."

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