Essential oils


    What are essential oils?

    Essential oils are basically plant extracts. They are obtained from various parts of plants (flowers, bark, leaves or fruits) by steam distillation, extraction or pressing. Essential oils have a particularly strong effect through their smell. The positive effect of essential oils on humans is undisputed among scientists and naturopaths alike. In contrast to fatty oils, essential oils evaporate without leaving any residue.

    What is aromatherapy?

    In short, aromatherapy is a form of holistic healing that uses essential oils and natural plant extracts to create emotional, mental, psychological and physical balance, to relieve discomfort or to increase our well-being. Aromatherapy is a form of phytotherapy (herbal medicine) and is one of the complementary medicine methodsoden. Care with aromas has a long tradition, already used by the ancient civilizations in Mesopotamia and Egypt fragrances for therapeutic or ritual purposes.

    How does aromatherapy work?

    When we inhale essential oils, the scent is sent to the limbic system in our brain via receptors in the nose. The limbic system is the house of emotions and emotional behavior such as calmness, intimacy, passion or joy.

    Depending on the oil, you will immediately feel more awake or more relaxed. You may also feel excited or stimulated. Mood enhancers such as serotonin and endorphins are released and you feel how negative emotions dissolve and tensions are relieved. Fragrance are powerful, they can awaken memories, create associations or simply make you feel very good!