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Voyages Imaginaires

    These created in complete freedom Voyages Imaginaires Perfumes invite us to see new horizons and re-enchant life with poetry, daring and desire. 

    As a professor at the ISIPCA (College of Perfume in Vesailles), Isabelle Doyen trained numerous perfumers, including Francis Kurkdjian and Mathilde Laurent. As Perfumer She worked with Annick Goutal for many years and never left her side. During this time she also met her daughter Camille, who is "like a niece" to her. Isabelle describes herself as an "enthusiastic sponge" and is inspired by her love of reading, art exhibitions, conductors, dancers and lyric. Her creations include L'Antimatière and Turtle Vetiver for Les Nez, Nuit de Bakélite by Naomi Goodsir and Ce Soir ou Jamais, which she co-designed with Annick Goutal.

    Camille Goutal was a studio photographer before turning to perfumery. She "uses all her senses at once". In the shared lab alongside Isabelle Doyen she learned to be a “nose”. She has a very visual approach to the creation of perfumes and is the artistic director of Voyages Imaginaires accepted. Together with IsabelShe has created numerous perfumes for Goutal, including Songes, Mon Parfum Chéri and Ambre Fétiche.

    The Voyages Imaginaires Each creation is a tender scent journey that is reminiscent of something familiar and at the same time takes us to a new, virginal land. A journey of discovery with a magnifying glass, a pilgrimage to a land of faded memories or a hike through a dream landscape. The memories are clear, the ideas are about to be born.
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