What do we need powder for? Powder has a matt effect. It absorbs excess sebum and mattifies shiny skin areas. Powder can also hide and smooth out small irregularities and soften the complexion. In addition, powder sets makeup and ensures that your makeup lasts longer.

    A basic distinction is made between compact powder and loose powder. Powder is also available in a transparent, but also in a tinted version. This has the advantage that irregularities are covered even better and the powder can optimally adapt to the skin tone.

    Although most powders have a mattifying effect, there are also powders that act as Highlighter be used because they give the complexion a light, light-reflecting shine.

    Powder can be used in a wide variety of ways and there is a suitable product for every skin type.

    For oily skin types a mattifying, sebum-absorbing powder is the right choice. Dry or more mature skin types benefit from powders that are equipped with nourishing anti-aging ingredients, such as Hyaluronic acidthat moisturizes the skin at the same time.

    The big advantage of powder is that it allows the skin to breathe, is non-comedogenic and does not unnecessarily burden the skin. Powder extends the durability of the make-up and ensures an even finish.

    Tip: Some powders also contain light UV protection, such as the Fix Forever Hyaluronic Powder from Shamanic.

    All of the powders that you will find in our range do not contain any synthetic colors or preservatives, talc, parabens, mineral oils or silicones.