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    Anja Raiser and Tilo Plöger are the two minds behind Shamanic. Anja started at the counter, then initially worked as a product manager for Color Cosmetics before setting up her film production with a focus on beauty and producing hundreds of tutorials for big brands here. After 25 years in the development departments of various cosmetic companies, Tilo realized that synthetic cosmetics only had short-term and superficial effects. Based on knowledge, experience and drive, the two now produce natural cosmetics that are highly effective, anhydrous and uncompromisingly based on unrefined, cold-pressed active oils from wild collections in the Amazon.

    The name Shamanic refers to shamanic traditions and principles in the extraction and processing of raw materials, which takes place according to the knowledge and experience of the Amazon indigenous people. That Shamanic The Colors Make-up is inspired by the bright variety of colors of the Amazon region. The natural formulations are based on nourishing resins, waxes and oils that are collected by hand directly in the rainforest. The Shamanic Make-up products are highly pigmented, nourishing, color-intensive and impress with their luminosity. They can also be spread wonderfully on the skin. Anja Raiser: "We concentrate fully on effective and at the same time care-intensive natural decorative cosmetics, which represent the consistent continuation of our care line."

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