A rouge should not be missing in any make-up range. Rouge (also known as blush) imparts an immediate, youthful freshness and gives a healthy, natural complexion. Blush can also be used to set contours and frame the face.

    The all-rounder in cosmetics is available in a wide variety of colors, from light pink to nude tones to dark red. Which color is most beneficial for you has to do with your complexion and hair color and of course with the rest of your make-up. Are you unsure which tone suits you best? With our Samples set you can easily order the samples you want and test them at home.

    Blush is available in different shapes and consistencies. How to distinguish between:

    Cream blush and cream blush can be applied easily and precisely - with your fingers or a blush brush. Thanks to its nourishing ingredients, the cream blush fuses with the skin and leaves a natural and radiant finish in flattering colors.

    Powder blush or blush in powder form is the classic. In strong or subtle colors, the delicate powders can be combined with one Powder brush apply to the skin. There they immediately and lastingly ensure silky freshness on the cheeks.

    Blush sticks are practical cream blushes in stick form that are easy to apply. Little bonus: Many blush sticks are also available as eye shadow or use lipstick.

    How do I apply blush? For contouring, apply the blush to the cheekbones area with a soft brush. Then gently fade it out upwards towards the temples and downwards towards the jawbone. Tip: If you're looking for subtle makeup for daytime looks, you can't go wrong with a blush in the shade of your lips.