Founders of Kruut Annika Krause and Thorben Stieler


    “Let’s rediscover the power of wild plants together,” say Annika Krause and Thorben Stieler, the two founders of Kruut. The young Berlin company represents a step back to nutrient-rich nature and the knowledge of how to use it. Made with values ​​that are often neglected today: time & dedication.

    Wild herbs grow on our doorstep and yet almost no one notices them. We trample them, tear them up or mow them down. We have forgotten their healing properties. Millennia-old plant knowledge about local flora and fauna has increasingly disappeared in recent decades. Inspired by their grandparents, both founders grew up with the topic of wild herbs. Annika's grandmother showed her when she was a child how to eat sorrel from the meadow and Thorben's grandfather is a trained master gardener who has a garden full of medicinal plants and a cellar full of tinctures. “Dat ole Kruut mutt rut”, with this Low German saying Thorben was sent into the garden. Not to simply pull out the weeds - no, to use them. Daisies were placed on bread and butter, nettles were cooked like spinach and plantain was used as a plaster substitute.

    We asked ourselves, where is this knowledge today and why don't we use the power of nature that grows right on our doorstep? With this in mind, we founded Kruut. We want to bring powerful wild herbs back into our modern everyday lives. So we rediscovered the Oxymel recipe together with Thorben's grandfather. The wild herb extract consists of three ingredients: raw honey, naturally cloudy apple cider vinegar and powerful green wild herbs. The ancient Greeks already drank Oxymel and gave the drink its name (“oxy” for sour and “meli” for honey).

    We repackage this ancient knowledge and make it easy to use with wild herbal extracts and wild plant powder. So that we bring the power of nature back into our lives and the traditional recipes are not forgotten. Native Superfoods are used by us. Wild herbs have never been cultivated and are therefore particularly robust, nutritious and tasty. All wild herb extracts, wild plant powders and incense bundles are handmade with time and dedication. For honest business and the real taste of wild nature. Kruut!
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