Hair oil & serum without silicones


    Why are hair oils suddenly on everyone’s lips?

    For a long time, hair oil and hair serum were neglected compared to conditioners and hair treatments, which is actually surprising, as the beneficial, moisturizing care properties of oils and serums for the face have long been known. Hair oils are by no means a new development; women in India have been using them for their shiny hair for thousands of years Moringa oil or coconut oil and in Japan, camellia seed oil has been used for hair health for generations.

    What advantages do silicone-free hair oils offer?

    Pure natural hair oil without silicones provides direct, undiluted care for hair and scalp. Just a few drops can work small miracles. The oils provide the hair with moisture, vitamins and nutrients from root to tip. The regenerating properties strengthen and protect the hair, prevent hair breakage and give a soft shine. As a complementary hair care product shampoo and conditioner, the products combat split ends, tame unruly frizz, ensure shine and even offer natural heat and UV protection.

    Why are hair oils so effective?

    The mix of vitamins and fatty acids give the oils their special nourishing properties. The natural fatty acids in plant oils are very similar to skin and hair and are therefore very well absorbed by the body. Hair has an outer cuticle layer that is surrounded by a natural layer of sebum. This sebum layer is formed from fatty acids and is kept active. Hair oil products made from pure plant oils deliver these important fats and nutrients directly to the hair, thereby supporting the natural protection, care and health of hair and scalp.

    What oils are used for hair oil?

    Argan oil is certainly a classic among hair oils. The unique oil from the argan fruit, which only grows in Morocco, is used in many hair oils. Other popular plant oils for hair care include the soft camellia seed oil, the non-comodogenic jojoba oil, moringa seed oil, hazelnut oil or the mysterious one Rahua-Oil from the Amazon. Some hair oils are enriched with rosemary or orange essential oils to also take advantage of the stimulating and antibacterial properties of essential oils.

    How are hair oils used?

    Most oils are suitable for massaging into damp hair after cleansing or for applying to dry hair. The care products can be used to care for the lengths and ends of the hair, or as a deep scalp treatment.

    Basically, when using it, you can choose between leave-in care and hair treatments for rinsing. As leave-in products, a few drops are gently massaged into the hair and are not rinsed out. The oil is distributed on the palms of the hands and distributed from the middle of the hair to the tips. Used as a treatment, the oils are worked into the hair and scalp and rinsed out again after a period of exposure. As an intensive care product, the oil can also be left in the hair overnight.


    Regardless of whether you want to give your hair more shine, pamper it with moisture and nutrients, or want to make frizzy hair supple and manageable - a natural hair oil without silicones is the perfect additional care for vital hair and a healthy scalp. Hair oil and hair serum from natural cosmetics brands that take responsibility for the health of your hair, your scalp and the environment: Biofficina Toscana, The Innate Life, Innersense Organic Beauty, Oden, Ranavat, John Masters Organics or Rahua.