Care for combination skin


    Combination skin is the most common skin type and a combination of other skin types. Moist, oily skin areas alternate with normal and dry areas. Usually the T-zone, ie forehead, nose and chin, is oily and shiny. These areas show the same symptoms as oily skin. Impurities are increasingly occurring here. The skin on the cheeks, on the other hand, is normal or dry and may have a slight feeling of tension. Small expanded veins (couperose) may be visible on the cheek area. As we age, combination skin tends to become more dry. Rosacea is also a possible side effect of combination skin.

    Care for combination skin: Due to the mixed skin condition, the skin requires differentiated care. Dry areas need to be moisturized and oily areas need to be clarified and need a thorough cleaning. It is best to wash your face with a gentle cleansing gel or foam and lukewarm water. Then treat the oily areas of the face with a clarifying product Toner treat. Additionally, at regular intervals, once or twice a week face scrub use. As a suitable day treatment, use a moisturizing care product that is not too greasy. If the differences in skin areas are pronounced, a richer care product can also be used for the dry areas.

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