The Smilist Founders Francois Bonnat & Ivan Kricak

The Smilist

    The Smilist puts a smile on your face. Every woman and every man should be able to experience the power of a beautiful smile. That's what the three founders of The Smilist, François Bonnat, Ivan Kricak and Dr. Christiane Bonnat. And since a beautiful smile is primarily the expression of a healthy body, or more precisely of a balanced oral microbiota, we have to start in depth.

    Almost 6 billion bacteria representing more than 700 bacterial species make up our oral microbiota. A complex ecosystem that is the fundamental basis for the oral health represents. A disruption in this balance can cause pathogenic bacteria to spread uncontrollably and colonize on both the teeth and gums, causing diseases such as periodontitis and tooth decay. Additionally, an imbalanced oral microbiota can impact overall health as harmful microorganisms can spread throughout the body.

    The products of The Smilist start right here, getreu the motto balanced oral flora = healthy oral flora. The goal of toothpaste, brush and serum is to support and maintain the oral system so that gums and teeth can stay healthy while looking good. The heart of the formulations is the combination of a patented Solidago flower extract and prebiotics. Scientific tests have proven the powerful effects of Solidago flower extract on 7 harmful microorganisms in the mouth. Solidago literally means “I consolidate” and the plant got its name because it was said to heal wounds. In German, the golden yellow plant is called goldenrod. In addition, other purely natural, health-promoting active ingredients such as regenerating ones are used Hyaluronic acid, mint or soothing aloe vera.

    The Smilist: “For us, smiling means shining and believing in life. That is our philosophy. We want you to discover the power of a smile, the driving force and support it generates, the brakes it releases and the doors it opens. The Smilist would like to strengthen you for a healthy body, supported by a radiant smile. Open your mouth wide to say “yes” to life.”

    François grew up in an environment where oral hygiene was no joke. His mother Christiane is a dentist and has over 40 years of experience in dentistry and surgery. The two founded The Smilist – natural oral care that starts at the base. The third in the group is Ivan, who is responsible for the aesthetic expression of the Labels is responsible.
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