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    The Australian Claire Ralstons developed her passion for purely natural facial care during her studies at the Australian College of Natural Beauty. Claire was particularly interested in the effectiveness of non-invasive and natural beauty methoden. After ten years of experience in the magazine and beauty industry, she came to the sad realization that even supposedly "natural" Skin care products were full of unnecessary chemicals and toxins.

    Her new home in Berlin confirmed her belief in the importance of quality, objectivity and simplicity. "In Australia I had a number of products and steps in my routine, a typical feature of the beauty culture there. People are less interested in ingredients and more guided by advertising. In Germany, however, people usually use less and pay attention to quality. It was stimulating and reminded me of my time with my grandmother Merme on the farm. Their way of life inspired me and I found a lot of it reflected in the Berlin Slow movement. That’s why the name of my brand was decided very quickly.”

    The philosophy of Merme Berlin, using only a few ingredients of the highest quality is inspired by these principles. Merme only uses absolutely trustworthy and high-performance ingredients that have been carefully and sustainably obtained and processed. The minimalist Merme portfolio includes such popular products as the Facial Healing Elixir with cold-pressed Tamanu oil, the Facial Balancing Elixir with pure jojoba oil, the Facial Beauty Elixir with the finest rosehip oil, and the Facial Hydration Serum with 1% pure hyaluronic acid.


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