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Le Beach


    Every time you walk on the sandy beach, smell the salt of the sea and feel the sun on your skin, a feeling of calm arises. A day at the beach energizes my soul, says Michelle Tan, the founder of Le Beach.

    Le Beach came from my battle with lung problems that I have had since I was a baby. My mother believed that the clean, fresh air on the beach made it easier for me to breathe and speeded up healing. Thanks to my mother, my childhood memories are now filled with building sandcastles and playing on the beach after school, eating coconut ice cream and eating exotic fruits. The sound of the waves relaxes me, gives me new energy and my skin and hair look amazing without using a lot of cosmetics.

    I was inspired by relaxed, uncomplicated beach beauties Le Beach created. I don't want to make false promises. We all age, small wrinkles will appear. But I believe that everything we put into our bodies is important. Radiant skin is the result of proper skin care, daily sunscreen, good nutrition, exercise and little stress. With my Le Beach products, I would like to preserve that “I-just-came-from-vacation” glow for you. Products with tropical scents, rich texture and natural drugsthat pamper your skin and hair. At Le Beach we combine nature and science with an eye on customers and the environment. We use as many natural ingredients as possible.

    So if you need some beach therapy, come see me at Le Beach! Kind regards, Michelle

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