Leaf Shave Founders Adam Simone & Adam Hahn

Leaf shave


    Hello, we are Adam Simone and Adam Hahn. We wanted to create a product from scratch that many use every day. We wanted to make a better razor, a razor that lasts, that has quality and looks great at the same time. It turned out that a superior shaver is also better for the environment!

    Our unique pivoting head guarantees easy handling and adapts to all curves. Greater optimal blade spacing than a traditional cartridge razor reduces irritation and ingrown hairs for a more comfortable shave. The Leaf and The Twig safety razors have a modern, perfectly balanced design and are wonderfully heavy in the hand. The material is extremely durable, the Leaf Shave razors hardly clog and are easy to rinse out. And by the way, our Leaf Shave razors cut a super figure on your washbasin with their elegant design.

    We are proud that in America alone, by using our Leaf Shave razors, millions of disposable plastic razors have stayed out of landfills! We support non-profit organizations in the field of climate protection and fund certified initiatives to offset 100% of our company's CO2 emissions, from raw materials to our production and shipping.

    "Revolutionizing shaving to eliminate plastic. We design the best razors on, and for Earth. Confidently shave any body, anywhere." Adam & Adam, Founders of Leaf Shave Razor

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