facial serum


    A serum is a highly concentrated intensive care product for the face. The serum is after Cleaning and before facial oil or the Creams applied. Serums are usually water-based and have a light texture. Sometimes oil-based serums are also used, but this is more of a face oil than a serum.

    The molecular structure of sera is smaller than that of Creams or Facial oils and that enables a facial serum to penetrate deeply into the skin. This effect is used to place valuable nutrients in a targeted and deeply effective manner. It enables serums to address skin problems that start deep within the skin, such as breakouts, pigment spots, or loss of elasticity.

    Face serum: Intensive care for your skin

    High-quality nutrients in a small ampoule: facial serums help you to take special care of your skin. These are highly concentrated products that offer the ideal complement to your beauty routine. Moisturizing, refreshing, firming and calming - choose your favorite serum according to the individual needs of your skin. The special thing about a face serum is the high concentration of valuable ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C. They are considered true beauty miracle cures for smooth, radiant skin.

    Just a few droplets of the liquid or slightly gel-like solution are enough to let the face serum work its wonders. First clean your face with lukewarm water before applying the face serum to your skin. Massage gently with fingertips. Thanks to its light texture, the liquid is quickly absorbed by the skin. Then continue as usual with your facial care with face creams and other products of your choice.

    Face serum for all skin types

    A face serum is a very intensive supplement to the normal one Day and night care. Their effect can vary depending on the ingredients, but they usually contain hyaluronic acid and thus have a tightening effect. In addition, facial serums provide the skin with refreshing moisture and make fine lines caused by dryness less noticeable. This keeps your complexion radiantly beautiful. A regenerative facial serum is typically enriched with soothing botanical extracts of aloe vera or rose. Firming caffeine, revitalizing vitamin C and many other active ingredients make the various serums a true magic drug.

    Buy high-quality serum for your face

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