Ancient + Brave Founder Kate Prince

Ancient + Brave

    Kate Prince's passion for better wellbeing through life and nutrition strategies was the inspiration for Ancient + Brave and for the development of nutrient-rich mixes and dietary supplements. 

    We believe that holistic health is a reflection of the well-being of your body, your brain and your beauty. Every day, these three aspects of your health need targeted support to guide you through the day's challenges. Our intelligent formulations, bio-active nutraceuticals and carefully selected herbal ingredients offer the perfect support. Take the test and gain your own experience with our coffee and cocoa blends with highly effective collagen peptides or our plant-based collagen alternatives.

    Our Ancient + Brave Vision is to be a force for good and do as little damage to our planet as possible. We source our raw materials from sustainable organic farming from environmentally conscious suppliers wherever possible. Ancient + Brave is in the process of becoming a certified "B Corporation". This is a coalition of companies that meet the highest standards of verifiable social and environmental responsibility, as well as public transparency, to balance profit and purpose. Modernity Nutritional Supplements with ethical responsibility.
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