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    The Swedish high-end cosmetics brand Manasi 7 was founded by Susanne Manasi. After more than 20 years of experience as a professional make-up artist and 6 years in cosmetic product development, she felt that truly natural and environmentally friendly premium cosmetics that also met the highest standards did not exist on the market. For her, that was the trigger point for her own brand Manasi 7 to found.

    Selected, pure, natural, simply and sustainably produced - Manasi 7 is more than clean. Manasi 7 is not geared towards mass production, instead products are made in small batches to minimize waste and support small farmers. Most packaging is plant-based, reusable and/or recyclable.

    Manasi 7 stands for organic, timeless and multifunctional beauty products that are suitable for all skin types. The Label offers the The best possible combinations of ingredients and shades to deliver a first-class sensory feel, high yield and the perfect result. The line adapts to every skin tone and everyone Nuances can be individually combined with each other. 

    In order to achieve the highest possible quality, has Manasi 7 rigorous demands are placed on the entire production process. Susanne calls the manifesto the "Declaration of (7)". This declaration reflects the vision of Manasi 7 and the criteria for uncompromisingly sustainable management and the highest product quality: Slow - Select - Pure - Natural - Simple - Symbiotic - Contemporary!

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