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    Fresh armpits worldwide, that is the goal of Nuud! Martijn Pieter van Seters, co-founder of Nuud Care: We were bothered by the downsides of traditional deodorants and were convinced that these could be solved if we just started rethinking deodorants from the ground up. So we set out to find an alternative deodorant formula that doesn't clog pores, is based on natural ingredients and doesn't leave yellow marks. Above all, it had to be effective. And what we came up with is really effective.

    The groundbreaking natural deodorant from Nuud Care prevents odor by neutralizing bacteria with microsilver. Nuud only needs to be applied once or twice a week!

    That comes with it Nuud Deodorant made entirely without aluminium, parabens, propellants, artificial fragrances and alcohol. With the best solution for body odor and the heart and soul that we put into Nuud stuck, let's create a deodorant revolution, armpit by armpit by armpit Nuud to win! The application is super easy, your experience will convince you. Come join the deodorant revolution!

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