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    Axiology was launched in November 2014 after Ericka Rodriguez had internalized the everyday life of animal testing in the cosmetics industry. She knew that natural ingredients, rather than chemicals, would no longer require animal testing. That's why she set out to participate Axiology to develop the cleanest, most natural lipsticks on the market.

    Axiology is named after the philosophical study of beauty and ethics. A fitting brand name. With only 10 ingredients that are completely safe and that you could even eat, the vegan lipstick color palette is from Axiology packed in luxurious black and gold triangular boxes made from recycled waste from the island of Bali. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to protect wildlife and the natural habitat of orangutans.

    Axiology is pure glamor, but at the same time aims to steer consumer demand from conventional products to more sustainable options. Another step in this direction are the new balmies, which do not require a lid or sleeve!

    Axiology Lipsticks come in 4 lines:

    • Sheer Balm - semi-transparent & nourishing balm 
    • Soft Cream - creamy & gently covering
    • Rich Cream - high coverage & nourishing
    • Lip Crayons - high coverage
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