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Madara Cosmetics: It's about more than looking pretty. It's about our well-being, the choices we make and the values ​​we respect. For us people in the north - often introverted and a bit lonely - inner values ​​have always been more important than outer appearance. That's why we persist Mádara Cosmetics on really effective ingredients, honest promises, careful processing and respect for nature and people.

Plants with extraordinary properties have developed in the harsh Nordic climate. Deep roots, bitter leaves, and gnarled bark have healed wounds and saved lives. This knowledge, passed down through generations, still flows in our veins. And today, as then, we can state that nature offers everything we need. This creed is reflected in the Mádara skincare, Mádara Hair care as well as in Mádara makeup reflected. Many innovative and award-winning products have emerged from this approach, such as the Skin Equal Foundation, the Anti-Pollution CC Cream, the Luminous Perfecting Concealer, the Sunscreen SPF 30 or the SOS Hydra and Time Miracle care lines.

Lotte Tissenkopf-Iltnere, founder of Mádara: The base of Mádara Make-up and skincare is traditional medicine and plant knowledge that we validate and further develop with scientific meticulousness. We refine pure, potent, unadulterated natural ingredients to their highest potential.