Sasstie hair clip founder



We are Sasstie! Do you know that too? Are you looking for something - something that should be easy to find - but after hours of searching and numerous Google tabs you can't find it? And you think to yourself all the time: "It can't be that you can't find it anywhere!" That's exactly how we felt when, after dozens of broken and scalp-scratching plastic hair clips, we finally wanted to treat ourselves to a higher-quality hair clip. Yes after searching and searching we found the choice so limited that the choice was either beautiful & inferior or expensive & dated.

We wanted to change that. In our small apartment in Düsseldorf, we tinkered and designed with our fashion-loving hearts, our passion for beautiful design and our demand for high-quality materials to develop the best and most beautiful hair clips. Whether classic hairstyles such as braids or trendy hairstyles such as half buns - our durable Sasstie hair clips make every hairstyle an eye-catcher and give your hair styling a new fresh touch. Our all-day hold technology ensures the best possible hold, while our all-day comfort standards with gently rounded edges and a carefully polished surface are particularly gentle on your hair and scalp. Rethink hairstyling with Sasstie!

Made to Last - Unlike plastic or plastic, the Sasstie hair clips are based on natural and renewable raw materials. The Sasstie range is made from 98% cellulose acetate. The relatively new raw material made from renewable raw materials is 100% plant-based and free of animal by-products. The material is a high-end raw material for high quality accessories. Due to its high quality and robustness, cellulose acetate is resistant, not easy to break and durable.