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    The roots of DR. BRONNER'S lie in the Swabian town of Laupheim near Ulm. This is where the founder's ancestors, Emanuel Heilbronner, opened their first soap factory in 1858. Emanuel Heilbronner, born in 1908, also followed the family tradition, learned the soap trade and received the master craftsman's certificate from his guild. In 1929, Emanuel Heilbronner emigrated to the USA in order to realize his own ideas for making soap. In his luggage he has the recipes for the bar and liquid soaps of the family business. In protest against the seizure of power by the National Socialists in Germany, Emanuel deleted “Heil” from his surname and from then on only called himself “Bronner”.

    Emanuel Bronner began working for a world without war and hatred. He organized series of lectures on world peace and the dangers of fascism and communism. In California in 1948 he founded the forerunner of today's company "Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps, "continued his lecture series and began making his famous peppermint soap. During his speeches he distributed the soaps. When he noticed that some visitors were only taking the soaps with them instead of listening to him, he printed his philosophy on the bottle labels, where they can still be read today in almost unchanged form. Experienced with the emergence of an environmentally conscious consumer group at the end of the sixties Dr. Bronner's his breakthrough. Almost exclusively through word of mouth, they became cult soaps in the USA and were soon available in all health food stores and "coops".

    "We are ALL-ONE or None!" Emanuel Bronner put it in a nutshell. Doing business in the sense of constructive capitalism is at Dr. Bronner's Capitalized: According to the in-house “1 to 5 rule”, managing directors earn a maximum of five times as much as the lowest-paid employee. In addition, wages and salaries are on average 25% above normal market wages. A third of the profit of Dr. Bronner's is generally invested in charity and social activities.

    Dr. Bronner's stands for a sustainable lifestyle. The controlled organic cultivation guarantees the highest quality of the raw materials and long-term, sustainable cultivation ethicsoden. The certified organic and fair trade soaps from Dr. Bronner's do not contain synthetic foaming agents, thickeners, preservatives or petrochemicals. Due to their high quality, they are ideal for allergy sufferers and sensitive skin.