Criollo Chuncho 250 g
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Criollo Chuncho 250 g organic
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Criollo Chuncho 250 g

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Criollo Chuncho - Ritual Cacao made from 100% organic cocoa mass from Peru

The Chuncho variety is one of the oldest cocoa varieties on earth. It is said that Chuncho is the original cocoa from which all other types of cocoa descend. With a full chocolaty taste and a subtle spice note of oriental herbs, this fine cocoa surprises with a strongly grounding and at the same time activating energy.

  • A quantity of 100g cocoa corresponds to approx. 3 cups.
  • This cacao has a naturally high theobromine content of 193mg/100ml and a caffeine content of 27mg/100ml.
  • Not recommended for children and pregnant or breastfeeding women.

The Criollo Chuncho is ideal for ritual applications such as dancing and yoga, but also for particularly deep meditation. Try it out and let yourself be enchanted by pure cocoa!


What exactly is Ritual Cacao and what varieties are there?

Ritual Cacao has a cultural history going back thousands of years as an invigorating and sacred drink. Known as a potion for the gods of the natives of Central America, a stimulant for Aztec soldiers and used as a fasting aid by European monks, to the popular luxury food and Cacao Bliss of today. The fine cocoa variety Criollo is particularly suitable for rituals, meditation and relaxation due to the special combination of precious ingredients and the invigorating effect.

Ritual Cacao is cocoa in its most original form. It consists of 100% cocoa mass and is processed gently so that the valuable ingredients and active ingredients that have a heart-opening effect are not lost. Our cocoas are fine cocoas of the Criollo Blanco and Criollo Chuncho varieties.

Where does cocoa come from?

We set out to find the most original and noble types of cocoa and share them with you. Our Criollo Blanco comes from the north of Peru from the Norandino farmers' cooperative. This cooperative has come together to assume social responsibility and establish organic farming in the region. Our Criollo Chuncho comes from the Urubamba Valley - a river that winds through Inca ruins and reaches into the Sacred Valley to Cuzco and Machu Picchu. The Chuncho variety is one of the oldest types of cocoa on this planet - it is even said that Chuncho is the original cocoa from which all other types of cocoa descend. 

What is the difference between Criollo Blanco and Criollo Chuncho?

Let's start with the similarities ;-) Criollo Blanco and Criollo Chuncho, as Ritual Cacaos, are both fine cocoa varieties. They come from Peru and consist of 100% cocoa mass.

Criollo Blanco and Criollo Chuncho differ in taste and effect, which is why they can be drunk on different occasions. While the Criollo Blanco is used as a soothing companion for meditation, rituals and relaxation, the Criollo Chuncho has a strongly grounding and at the same time activating energy. We therefore like to use it for dancing, yoga and deeper meditations. The Criollo Blanco has a fine, fruity, slightly sour, fresh taste, whereas the Criollo Chuncho has a fuller, chocolaty taste and a fine spice note of oriental herbs. The Criollo Chuncho embodies more of the masculine and stands for activity, while the Criollo Blanco embodies more of the feminine and introspective.

Is cocoa certified organic?

Yes, our cocoa is certified organic. We also pay attention to fair working conditions and wages. Read more here in our blog article “Cocoa farmers take responsibility. So do we!”. Especially when working with cocoa in rituals, it is particularly important to consume an energetically high-quality and fair product.

Can you drink Ritual Cacao without a ritual?

Drinking cocoa doesn't always require a big ritual. You can also take a conscious moment in your everyday life and enjoy a cup of cocoa. When drinking cocoa, we recommend that you pay attention to yourself and the cocoa and enjoy it ♥

What active ingredients are exactly in cocoa?

In addition to the many nutrients, cocoa also contains some active ingredients. In relevant quantities, these include theobromine, theophylline, caffeine and epicatechin. The first two substances are methylxanthines and have a vasodilating effect, allowing the body to accumulate more oxygen. Epicatechin primarily stimulates the regions of the brain that have to do with perception and memory. Cocoa also contains some neurotransmitters - biogenic amines - which stimulate the production of the happiness makers serotonin, endorphin and dopamine in the brain. The list of ingredients and active ingredients in cocoa is much longer and new substances are still being discovered. If you would like to go even deeper into this topic, we recommend our Cacao Ritual Training.

Can cocoa cause side effects?

Yes, side effects can occur, but these are rare or rare. Cocoa removes water from the body. This can result in headaches. The natural caffeine in cocoa can cause restlessness and sleep problems. Mild stomach cramps or nausea are also possible, but rare. All of these side effects can be minimized or avoided entirely with proper handling. We generally recommend drinking plenty of water after drinking cocoa. If you have sleep problems, we recommend not consuming cocoa 6 hours before going to bed. In our experience, if cramps occur, there are often energetic reasons. It is recommended to relax into the rising feelings, deepen your breathing and let the feelings flow.

I am an allergy sufferer. Does your cocoa contain any traces of nuts or nuts?

No. Our cocoa contains no traces of nuts or nuts. The processing from the fruit to the cocoa mass takes place in specially made containers and mills.

Is your cocoa tested for heavy metals?

We have every new delivery of our cocoa tested for heavy metals including cadmium. We only want to offer the best ♥

Can I enjoy ritual cocoa during my pregnancy?

Due to the increased caffeine content of 28mg/100ml, drinking this cocoa is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women. If you want to drink cocoa and have concerns, we recommend speaking to your family doctor. You can find more information about this in the blog article “Cocoa during pregnancy”.

Can children drink cocoa?

Due to the increased caffeine content of 28mg/100ml, drinking our cocoa in ceremonial doses is not recommended for children. If you want to offer cocoa to children, you should do so in small doses, e.g. B. 10 g cocoa to 200 ml liquid.

How long can cocoa be stored without it losing its effectiveness?

The minimum shelf life of our cocoa is 2 years when stored in a cool, dry and dark place. The effect remains.

The cocoa I ordered arrived a little melted. Does this affect the quality or effect of the cocoa?

No, the quality as well as the effect and the aromas remain completely intact. Impairments can only occur at temperatures above 50 degrees. We therefore recommend processing cocoa below 50 degrees. As soon as our packages are handed over to the shipping service provider, we unfortunately have no influence on the storage and delivery of the goods.

Why does my cocoa look different from order to order?

It is a natural product and we would like to provide you with the cocoa as unprocessed as possible. If the cocoa for your order is made into small pieces, it is done by hand. Of course, the size of the cocoa pieces varies here. Also some pieces may be a bit white. The white thing you see is the cocoa butter, which is still completely contained in our cocoa and indicates that the cocoa has been carefully processed.


What do I have to consider when preparing my cocoa drink?

To prepare a cup of cocoa, we recommend 200 ml of plant-based drink (oat, coconut or almond drink) or water. Add the desired amount of cocoa (e.g. the Ritual can of 30 g) to the warm (not boiling) liquid. The most important thing is not to heat the cocoa too much. The cocoa drink is warmed but not cooked. On a normal stove this means level 2-3. Stir until the cocoa mass has completely dissolved. We recommend a whisk for stirring. You can find more information about this in our “Tips for preparing cocoa”.

How do I dose Ritual Cacao?

Maybe you've also heard that exactly 42g is the ceremonial dose for Ritual Cacao? Well, the truth is that Ritual Cacao works a little differently for everyone. It also depends on your form on the day and the occasion on which you want to drink the medicine of the heart. Over the many years we have tried out a lot ourselves, prepared cocoa for thousands of people and gained a lot of experience in the process. And so we have put together different dosages for different occasions for you in our blog article “Dosage recommendation for Ritual Cacao”.

Can you overdose on cocoa?

We recommend using cocoa consciously so that you notice when your body has had enough. We recommend a maximum of one 30g cup of cocoa per day. If you still feel like you've had too much cocoa, drink lots of water and eat something grounding, like bread and potatoes.

Can I make my cocoa with cow's milk?

Of course you can prepare your cocoa with cow's milk. However, we recommend preparing it with a plant drink or water. The reason is that there are more antioxidants in cocoa than e.g. B. in blueberries, pomegranates, cranberries or grapes. Antioxidants slow or prevent the oxidation of other substances. That's why cocoa helps with relaxation, prevents inflammation and has a positive effect on the aging process. Cow's milk blocks the antioxidants in cocoa. So if you want to take full advantage of the healthy effects of cocoa, you should prepare it with a plant-based drink (oat, coconut or almond milk) or with water.

Can I also enjoy my Ritual Cacao cold?

Naturally. While the Maya drank their cocoa warm, the Incas, on the other hand, appreciated cocoa prepared cold. The heart-opening effect is there, whether cold or warm :-)

How often can I drink cocoa?

This varies from person to person. You don't always need a big ritual to enjoy our cocoa. However, we recommend that you drink it consciously and take some time so that you can notice how much cocoa is good for your body and how often you can consume it.

What happens during a cacao ritual?

This can be very different and depends on the theme of the ritual. At the beginning of each ritual, cocoa is drunk together and an intention is set. It's about connecting more with your inner self. There is usually a guided meditation and afterwards you can sing and dance and do conscious contact exercises - everything that supports connecting your heart and your head.


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