Turban & Hair Towel


    Choosing the right hair towel or turban made from natural materials for healthy and beautiful hair

    Hair towels and turbans play a crucial role in hair care by absorbing excess water after washing your hair and helping hair dry faster.

    Our hair is very fragile when wet because the outer layer of the hair swells and the water also puts additional weight on the hair, which puts the hair under tension and makes it more susceptible to breakage. By immediately wrapping hair in a hair towel or turban after washing, you can prevent too much water from entering the hair follicles, which can help prevent damage such as frizz and reduce breakage.

    Therefore, choosing the right material for your hair towel is also important as towels for hair should have high absorbency and the wrapped towel or turban should sit comfortably on the head without slipping to avoid friction.

    Why should I use a bamboo hair towel?

    Traditional terry towels are usually made from a blend of cotton and polyester and can often be a little rough on the hair. This can cause frizz and even hair breakage. That's why it's important to choose a soft towel or turban specifically for your needs hair type to use.
    Hair towels and turbans made from natural materials such as bamboo offer several advantages over synthetic materials. Bamboo is known for its high absorbency and softness. Bamboo fiber towels can effectively absorb moisture while being gentle on hair and reducing possible friction.

    The Curly Hair Method: Plopping with a Bamboo Hair Towel

    Plopping is a technique commonly used in the Curly hair method used to define curls and reduce frizz. This method involves wrapping damp hair in a soft bamboo hair towel to gently remove excess moisture and support the curl patterns.

    By placing the hair upside down on the towel while plopping and then wrapping it around your head and securing it, you can better shape and define the curls. Plopping is often done for a specific amount of time, around 20-30 minutes, to give the hair enough time to settle and absorb moisture before continuing to dry or style.

    Plopping with a soft bamboo hair towel is an ideal technique to preserve the natural structure of the curls or waves and create a beautiful, defined look.

    Silk turbans: protection for hair while sleeping

    Silk is an excellent material for turbans or hoods, which protect the hair from friction when dry. They are more likely to be worn at night to prevent hair from rubbing against the pillow while sleeping.

    This is especially important for curly and wavy hair textures because wearing silk turbans helps keep moisture out Leave-in care products remains in the hair. Additionally, silk bonnets or turbans can help maintain the definition of curls and waves by preventing the hair from becoming tangled or flattened overnight. Silk turbans prevent frizz and even split ends.  

    But of course, straight hair types also benefit from wearing a silk turban while sleeping. The hair is protected from fizz and split ends, is less tangled the next morning and overnight hairstyles such as curls from papillotes or waves from braids are better preserved.

    Conclusion: Turbans and hair towels made from natural materials

    Overall, choosing the right hair towel for drying or turbans to protect hair is crucial for hair health. Natural materials such as bamboo and silk offer many advantages over synthetic materials.

    While bamboo hair towels are ideal for drying and fluffing curls, silk turbans provide effective protection for hair while sleeping and help retain moisture through leave-in products. By using these specialized products, both curly and straight hair types can optimally protect their hair and preserve the natural beauty of their hair.