Natural cosmetic concealer


    Natural cosmetic concealer

    100% natural concealers are light on the skin and effortlessly conceal dark circles and blemishes. The concealer is probably one of the most frequently used make-up items and should not be missing from any make-up bag. But what exactly is a concealer? The name comes from English: to conceal, which can be translated as covering or concealing.

    What is a concealer?

    A concealer is nothing more than a concealer with different levels of coverage. What can we cover with a natural cosmetic concealer? Dark circles, small redness, pimples, impurities, small veins, pigment spots or scars. But doesn't that also apply to foundation?

    Unlike one Foundation, the concealer is usually applied selectively and then blended into the skin tone. The beige or nude concealers are more pigmented and have higher coverage than foundations. Some concealers, such as the cream concealer pot Un Cover-up from RMS Beauty, but can also be used as foundation and applied with a special foundation brush all over the face as a base for a perfect finish.

    Natural versus traditional concealers

    The ingredients are the crucial difference. While almost all concealers use iron oxides and titanium oxides to achieve the necessary coverage, natural cosmetic concealers are based on vegan vegetable oils, waxes, butters and plant extracts. The textures are light and provide additional nutrients and moisture, based on natural, toxin-free facial care products. 

    Conventional concealers, on the other hand, often contain parabens, silicones, PEG compounds and other petroleum-based ingredients. Concealers are often applied directly under the sensitive eyes eye bags and redness and should therefore be absolutely free of harmful ingredients.

    Concealer selection at Blanda Beauty

    The large selection of natural cosmetic brands will leave no concealer wish unfulfilled. At Blanda Beauty You can find natural cosmetic concealer products from 100% Pure, Ere Perez, Hiro Cosmetics, Lily Lolo, Hynt Beauty, Mádara, Pure U., Rms Beauty, Sappho and Und Gretel.