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    Jina Lee became interested in healthy cosmetics when she became pregnant with her first child. She and her husband suffered from skin problems and with the pregnancy came the urge to only use completely safe skin care products. Jina started studying the ingredients in the cosmetic products she used on a daily basis. After finding out that some ingredients were harmful to her health, she began to become an expert in the field. She had previously worked in the pharmaceutical and bio-chemical industries and now began passionately to study cosmetic ingredients, fragrances and aromatherapy.

    What initially started as a change in their lifestyle and wellbeing for their family and themselves became their goal, to create a truly natural and organic skin care product, especially for sensitive skin. The result was URANG, which was launched as a brand in December 2016.

    The skin care products from URANG consist exclusively of natural and organically grown ingredients. Jina and you Urang-Team use ingredients from different countries including USA, England and Bulgaria. The ingredients are of the utmost importance to Jina. For example, organic rose water and rose oil are used in many Urang Products used and because of that Jina personally visited the production facilities in Bulgaria to ensure that their high quality standards are met.

    The top priority of URANG is the provision of safe and reliable products for their customers. URANG defines beauty as "naturalness embedded in security".